Fresh drinks and tastes from around the world at BarBrahe!

BarBrahe’s menu is on a small Autumn pause, we’re renewing our menu’s contents. Drinks are still available normally!


BarBrahe’s menu is on pause, we will let you know about the next steps as soon as possible. Drinks are still available normally!


We’ve wanted to give life to some old classics from around the world that taste and look good! Test our Old Fashioned or our Whiskey Mule for example – if you haven’t already!

Of course you’ll find some more traditional bottled up choices as well.

So why not just enjoy!

Bar & terrace

Our bar is located in Budge Hotel Raahe in a stylish vintage style bar behind some velvet curtains…

You’ll find a comfy terrace and an awesome inner courtyard linked to the bar, where you can have yourself a tournament of Finnish Mölkky and enjoy the sunshine.

We also host events from time to time, like traditional dances with live music.

Welcome to test out BarBrahe!